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We help accessing world-class specialist skills and the most budget-friendly resources
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application development

We turn your requirements into a working hybrid software that can run on desktop, mobile and web. We apply the SCRUM framework in order to shorten time-to-market and decrease costs.

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data science consultancy

We offer consultancy in web crawling, data mining, machine learning, big data. Our expert team has over 15 years of experience in extracting meaningful insights from data.

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IT outsourcing

We own a network of highly qualified and creative IT experts. Your IT project becomes the main concern of a self-organized team of consultants on site or on remote assignment.

We speak
PHP - JavaScript - Java - Bootstrap - R - ReactJS - HTML5 - CSS
We frame
Laravel - vue.js - Cordova - OnsenUI
We master
MySql - Google Cloud Translation - Ajax - REST - JSON - AWS - Electron.io - Monaca.io
We use
PhpStorm - Git - Jira - Restlet Client - JSON-handle - Vue.js devtools - BitBucket - Jira
We do

About Us

DiGIT in a nustshell!
Dev from Africa - Simply Delivering IT

This is the story of young and dynamic entrepreneurs and tech skilled in Africa who want to do the mental shift. They want to show the full potential of local tech to deliver high software quality and consultancy.
DiGIT is the first step for this DREAM: Tech made accessible by Africans!
DiGIT helps you find insights in the heterogeneous datasets in your enterprise. DiGIT is the place your company would need when outsourcing software development for Bank solutions, Publishing, E-Health, E-commerce, etc.

  • Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Windows Mobile, Android

  • Rapid prototyping, DevOps, low time-to-market, fast return of investment

  • Low cost IT experts with over 15 years working experience

  • Data design, big data, data mining, business intelligence, machine learning

DiGIT Team

Meet our young team !


Chief Executive Officer
William is a young and motivated entrepreneur. William is also an engineer graduated from the Polytechnic School of Yaoundé.

Michel BAYOI

Chief Technology Officer
Michel is a young Cameroonian engineer graduated from the Polytechnic School of Yaoundé. Initially attracted by medical studies, it is ultimately his fascination for computer science which prevailed. During free moments Michel devours books and TED talks.

The Crowd

IT Consultants

DiGIT Interns


Junior Java Developer
Rousseau is currently in 3rd Year study in Computer Science ENSP. He exhibits a character of solver and enhancer. He engages in community life during his free time.

DiGIT Worldwide

Paris Team

R&D HUB OF DIGIT contact: paris@digtransformations.com


WHERE OUR MAIN BRAINPOWER SITT. contact:prague@digtransformations.com


Their most effective digital transformation with DIGIT!

What make us currently busy

Banking ISO 20022 XML Data Processing - Real Estate Web Crawling - QR Code Processing in Smartphone - Enterprise Resource Planing - Speech to Text Translation - Progressive Web App - Tracking system - Mobile money App
We will immediately reach out to your next digital transformation