A web crawler automates and facilitates the search for real estate properties


With this high-quality application, DiGIT creates a reputation as an innovative company and makes an excellent entry into the Czech digital market.



Design and develop an indexing robot to monitor the catalog of products of one of the main Czech real estate sites, in order to detect any additions or changes that will be notified immediately to customers of the platform by email. This platform had to meet the following requirements:

  • Give users the possibility to specify the characteristics of real estates that interest them.
  • Notify users of any changes and additions less than 10 minutes after their occurrence.
  • Give the user the possibility to choose the language of the notifications.
  • Include an API that allows a mobile client to interact with the platform.


Approach and solution

True to their habits marked by a rigorous methodological approach, the DiGIT teams first of all proceeded with an in-depth analysis of the architecture of the target platform. The information collected in this way has enabled the implementation of a specific indexing logic, to extract efficiently useful information, but also flexible enough to adapt to any changes in needs or changes to the architecture of the so-called platform. The data thus obtained is stored in a database specially designed to optimize the time required for the writing and search operations. A scheduling logic responsible for controlling the indexing subsystem is also implemented. It is this which guarantees notification times of less than 10 minutes. Finally the system is completed by the notification module, translation module and a graphical interface where end-users specify the characteristics of the properties that interest them.

Business result

The Czech real estate market, although very competitive, did not have many tools to offer users the service described above. With this application DiGIT is therefore a much noticed entry in this sector and no doubt that it will prevail over time as a reference in the search for real estate property.


Technology stack

  • IDEs and tools : PhpStorm, Git, Bitbucket, Jira, Restlet Client, JSON-handle, Vue.js devtools
  • Frameworks: Laravel, vue.js
  • Programming languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Libraries : Blade, Eloquent, Goutte, Laravel Passeport, Vue-material
  • Technologies : MySql, Google Cloud Translation, Ajax, REST, JSON

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